How I passed Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam

After a few months of heavy preps, I managed to pass the exam. I got the electronic certificate, and supposedly I'll get a Cloud Architect Hoodie! Yeah, I'm gonna wear it :)

The exam is every bit as difficult as advertised. I did A LOTS of Hands On in the Google Cloud Platform (the 300$ that Google gives you to play around comes in quite handy), without it I don't think it's possible to pass, bunch of questions have commands to choose from, and a heavy focus on App Development and Linux Commands. If you want to know how I prepared, check out my previous posts:

  1. Why I decided to become a Certified Cloud Architect, why Google Cloud, and how I want to prepare
  2. Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop
  3. Google Cloud - Compute Options (IaaS, PaaS, CaaS/KaaS)
  4. Google Cloud - Storage and Big Data Options
  5. Google Cloud - Networking and Security Options

Stay tuned, my Cloud is about to get much more DevOps-y in 2018!


  1. Conratulations and thanks for sharing your journey with us

  2. Did you get your hoodie? I just passed the exam today and was wondering how I get that sweet swag. =)

    1. I got the swag, I'm not really wearing hoodies.... and it's super thin and light, but cool, I can recommend it

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  5. Thank you for sharing your journey to get GCP certified. It was very insightful.


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