Migrate HyperFlex Cluster to a new vCenter

Get ready to have your mind blown. One of the easiest procedures I've encountered. You just need to follow these 3 steps, to migrate the entire HyperFlex vSphere Cluster with all its hosts from vCenter 1 to vCenter 2.

Before you start:

- Your environment might be different. I'm not responsible if something goes wrong, you're welcome to look for the official guides. I've tested it to migrate from vCenter 6.0 to 6.7 in August 2018.
- VDS WILL NOT be migrated automatically, BUT - you can Export it into ZIP from the old vCenter, and import into the new one AFTER you've done all these steps, and the Uplinks will be automatically mapped. Be sure to include all the configuration, portgroups and all, both when you export and import.

Step 1.

Deploy your vCenter Server Appliance. I'll asume you're setting the standard username, administrator@vsphere.local

Step 2.

Create both Datacenter and Cluster in the empty new vCenter. For the ease of migration, use the same names. Connect all ESXi hosts from HyperFlex to the new Cluster. Just accept re-assigning of the licence, and wait to see the new host as Connected.

Step 3. 

Re-register the Cluster to a new vCenter. I recommend that you observe the new vCenter in the background, so that you can follow the progress. To do this you need to SSD into your HyperFlex, and execute the following command (set your own parameters, of course):

stcli cluster reregister --vcenter-cluster CLUSTER_NAME --vcenter-datacenter DATACENTER_NAME --vcenter-password 'NEW_vCENTER_PASSWORD' --vcenter-url NEW_vCENTER_IP --vcenter-user administrator@vsphere.local

You will get this message:

Reregister StorFS cluster with a new vCenter ... [this is where you wait for approx 10 minutes]
Cluster reregistration with new vCenter succeeded

Additional Step:

If you are using VDS, this is when you need to import them to the new vCenter.

And - you're done! Let me know in the comments if it worked as easy as this.

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  1. This is the same process if you need to rebuild your vCenter.


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