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After I got many of your emails where I was informed that it was somewhat difficult to find the materials of your interest in the blog, I decided to make a Map of the entire Blog. The first section, "Battle Arena" is where the we compare different technologies, or how different vendors solve the same problem, and it's probably the "sexiest" part of it all. Down below you will find the posts simply categorised by technology.

Battle Arena

  1. Cisco CCIE vs SDN&NetworkVirtualization
  2. Network Virtualization vs SDN
  3. Cisco ACI vs VMware NSX
  4. F5 vs CITRIX: Cisco ACI Service Graph (L4-7), ADC
  5. RedHat vs Mirantis: Cisco ACI and OpenStack Integration
  6. ASA vs PaloAlto: ACI Service Graph (L4-7), FWaaS [under construction]
  7. Cisco ACI vs VMware NSX vs Nokia Nuage: Multi Data Center [under construction]

SDN and Network Virtualization:

  1. Why SDN isnt where we thought it would be in 2019
  2. On relevance of CCIE in 2019
  3. Network Virtualization vs SDN
  4. Should I go for CCIE or learn SDN?
  5. Is SDN really the future?
  6. How VxLAN works
  7. Are Cisco Nexus 1000v, CSR 1000v and Vyatta the same thing?
  8. Which SDN solution is for me? Comparison of the Market Leaders

Cisco Data Center

Cisco Routing

*Content Table Under Construction*

Cisco Switching

*Content Table Under Construction*

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